The residences at One Lakes Edge have everything you’ve always wanted in a home.

Here’s how you do it: 1. Schedule a tour, 2. Pick your new home, 3. Relax and enjoy lakeside living.

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    Third Level

    Site Plan Legend
    Level 1 Unit Numbers Level 1
    Site Plan Level 1
    Level 2 Unit Numbers Level 2
    Site Plan Level 2
    Level 3 Unit Numbers Level 3
    Site Plan Level 3
    Level 4 Unit Numbers Level 4
    Site Plan Level 4
    Level 5 Unit Numbers Level 5
    Site Plan Level 5
    Level 6 Unit Numbers Level 6
    Site Plan Level 6
    Level 7 Unit Numbers Level 7
    Site Plan Level 7
    Level 8 Unit Numbers Level 8
    Site Plan Level 8
    Level 1 Cover
    Level 3 Cover
    Site Plan Cover
    Site Plan Legend and Text
    Site Plan Base


    An easier, more affordable way to meet deposit requirements.
    As an option to satisfy deposit requirements, Jetty offers a deposit alternative solution with a small, monthly, or one-time non-refundable payment to make renting your home more affordable. If you opt out of the Jetty program, you will be required to pay a cash deposit..